korea x japan love


Terry Sagittary 


    • Yes, and many Chinese also hate Japan. The main reason is that Japan killed a lot of Chinese in World War II. It is as cruel as the Nazis, but now Japan is unwilling to face up to history and beautify their crimes. The people who do this kind of behavior are mean people in the eyes of the Chinese people

    • Originally, because Japanese animation is better and Chinese people like to watch it, many Chinese people began to have a good impression of Japan, but Japan has gone too far in recent years (such as cheating at the Olympic Games), resulting in almost no good impression accumulated in China in recent years

  1. Yes, it is estimated that no Chinese would like a country that has violated their homeland. The Chinese are patriotic. The recent cheating on the Chinese in the Olympic Games in Japan was badly criticized on the Chinese Internet. After all, this is retribution.


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